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A little about me

Magnum is my name and this is probably the best picture I have of myself. I'm a simple, easy going photographer, dreamer and boy at heart. Born and raised in Perth, this place will always be home.

The first time I picked up a camera was when I saw the family film camera laying around which, I still have in the cupboard by the way! I can still vaguely remember the joy I got from hearing the sound of the shutter and winding the film forward for the next shot.

Growing up I always appreciated  beautiful imagery, mostly of landscapes. Never really giving it much thought, one day I was intrigued by how each and every moment was given its visual justice through both technicality and spontaneity. The truth behind this was that every captured moment, even the blurriest photograph would remind us of a special time and place. This gives way to my style of photography. Deep with emotion, I aim to tell your story and capture and document every smile and tear, of joy on your special day. All in all I'm a photographer because I want to enjoy what I do. 

Now, for something a little funny and a little sad. During my first wedding I dropped my camera. It broke ... so did my heart. But as we all do, I’ve learnt from my mistakes and move on to bigger things!

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How does it work + Q&A's

Writing is not my forte so I'll try to keep this short. I'm a big advocate of leaving the medium of technology behind at times and putting names to faces. 

Once you get in touch with me, I'll go through how I can best help you out on your big day. I have a load of helpful advice and hints to help your day run smoothly. Once you book me, we can book in a couples portrait session or catch up for a coffee to plan the day out. 

When do we get to see our photos?

I don't like to keep you waiting so I will have a small preview ready in 2 weeks. The full collection of photographs will be ready between 5-7 weeks after your wedding date depending on the wedding season.

How do we see our photos?

I'll have a personal online gallery delivered to you so its easier to download, share and pick and choose favourites for your album. Your collection will then be put on a USB and delivered to you. These will be in full resolution and free of those ugly watermarks.

Do you have a second photographer?

Yes! I believe in fully documenting the wedding and portrait session. I can organise an assistant and coordinate my team so my couples will get my full creative control.

Do you have backup gear?

I carry 3 cameras, multiple lenses and countless of batteries. All my memory cards are doubled up to protect against card failure.

Can you suggest locations in Perth for us to take photos?

Yes of course, depending on what you prefer, I can recommend different types of locations in a short distance from your ceremony location and where the best places to go depending on the time of day and weather. I like to use locations that resonate with your relationship,

My portrait/wedding is in the outskirts of the Perth (e.g. Margaret River), do you charge a travel fee?

A 1-2 hour travel would not normally charge any fee. I may however request an overnight stay if it is a full day wedding.

*Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further questions I might have missed –

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